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Initial Weight Loss Consultation by Dr. Sitouah

Dr. Sitouah sees all her patients personally.

What to expect during the initial visit with Dr S:

  • Assessment of your medical history and health.

  • Review your lab work and EKG.  

  • Obtains a measurement of your metabolism and body composition.

  • She gets to know you and your unique needs, your lifestyle, your goals and your challenges. 

  • Creation of a personalized plan that will help your body quickly respond to weight loss, improve your energy, and get you started towards a healthier you.

Follow-up Weight Loss Visits with Dr. Sitouah

Dr. Sitouah will work closely with you to evaluate your response over time and make changes as needed. 

Follow up is provided in person and also through Telehealth.

Medical Management of Weight Regain After  Bariatric Surgery 

We do offer a post-operative bariatric program for individuals who experienced weight regain or who need assistance with achieving further weight loss after surgery.

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